Founded in the 1980’s, the Gamebridge race circuit in Brechin, Ontario was owned and operated for many years by an avid race fan, motorsports enthusiast and race driver. The track was founded on the basis of a passion for racing, competition and a sincere heart for the community. Ensuring costs were kept low, the original owner worked to promote the sport and make it affordable for young kids to enjoy. With a very strong history and pedigree, many great young drivers grew up around the track, enjoying its technical nature. The track was laid almost by hand, with true sincerity, passion and perfection. Having been closed for some time, the original owner sadly passed away leaving the legacy that is the name Gamebridge.

Energy Kart Canada will now continue to expand on that legacy, as they intend to expand the facility to embrace new technologies, track design and infrastructure. Wishing to maintain the original owners philosophy of low cost and affordability, especially in today’s economy, Energy Kart Canada will expand on the history and bring fourth the excitement, the passion, and sport that was and will be Gamebridge. Energy Kart Canada is committed to preserving the history and posterity of the facility, with goals to expand and make it the central hub of the Energy brand. The new track will add to the distinctive character of the old facility while introducing new challenges, excitement and thrills for both the novice and experienced racer alike. The new facility will boast the best in entertainment, hospitality and race viewing opportunities so that all can join in with the excitement and the thrill that is karting.