Energy League


All ages and levels! No equipment necessary!

Your chance to become an Energy Kart Canada Race Team member!

Energy League is the first karting ladder program in Canada that turns drivers from novice to professional, Energy League to Energy Team, all under one roof. Energy League represents a stepping-stone into the world of professional kart racing as the first step on the Energy Kart ladder system, and is open to beginners and experienced drivers alike.

Located at Energy Kart Canada’s headquarters at the Gamebridge Race Circuit in Brechin, Ontario, Energy League is an all-encompassed racing experience. Featuring a technical, challenging circuit coupled with high-performance racing karts, all Energy League participants also receive on-track professional driver training and race support. No equipment is necessary, Energy Kart Canada provides everything you need – just arrive and drive!

Energy League is comprised of professional race karts, and is divided to suit all ages. Schedules allow participants to race when it is most convenient for them, and is the most cost effective manner without incurring the high start-up costs to get into karting.

Energy League members must be members of the Gamebridge Race Circuit, and can select their League and compete in all races up to the Championship final. Finals are followed with an awards ceremony where not only are awards distributed, but graduates of the Energy ladder system are announced. Two drivers from the Energy League (not necessarily the champions) are promoted to Energy Team Canada, where they will have the chance to travel to premiere Canadian and US events such as the Florida Winter Tour, Pan American Challenge and the SKUSA SuperNationals held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two drivers are not just promoted to Team drivers, but also receive their first year on Energy Team Canada sponsored by Energy Kart Canada where they will receive a race chassis at no cost. Each year two drivers will be added to Team Canada, and given the chance to fulfill their dreams.

Energy League will also have special races, including the Canada Day Cup and SummerNationals, and each major League race will include an awards ceremony at the end of the event.

Energy League drivers will be treated with the highest level of professionalism, with each being given the opportunity to show they have what it takes to join the official Energy Kart Canada Factory Race Team.

This is not a family entertainment Program Karts are not available for casual rental It is a competitive Kart Racing Program

More details to come soon…